Artist, Activist and Motivational Speaker

About D’Mario

His words are meant to aid people in their past, present, and future lives while encouraging them to be who they truly are. D’Mario is passionate about community empowerment. From providing aid to the homeless and hungry, to educating our future generations. D’Mario’s goal is to implement positivity throughout the world, whether it be with his words or through his actions. D’Mario has inhaled the air and exhaled his heart and soul so people of all ages, genders, and colors can “breathe easy”.


(D) edicated to make an everlasting difference

(M) otivated as a man that will never stand down for what he believes

(A) spirational towards goals that may seem unattainable to some

(R) eal!

(I) nspirational in a time where most people fear to lead and would rather follow

(O) ptimistic towards change amongst our ensuing generations

-Michael Scott

“Expect to Exceed Your Expectations!”




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